Amazon Pride Parade Dublin

After different design tests, it was decided that the theme would be “My Amazon Pride”, similar to My Little Pony. Therefore, it was time to put together the float and all of the pieces along with it. The main focus of the float was the rainbow unicorn that stood out from the rest. Our design and production team put the piece together perfectly, as well as decorating it to look its best. Also on the float was a giant rainbow that our team also crafted and painted. It was the perfect addition. As well, there was a great white picket fence along the side of the float to go along with the theme, as well as make sure all float goers were safe.

We planned for the Amazon team to meet at their headquarters to have a pre-pride parade party. It was full of face-painting, glitter, pride flags, and rainbow balloons. It was the perfect way to start off the day and make sure that everyone had their pride gear. Not only that, but we handed out some rainbow wigs which made for great fun as well as pink sunglasses for those on our float.

As for the Amazon team, we had shirts made for them in bright pink with the amazon logo on the front that had a rainbow tail attached to go along with the theme. On the back of the shirt said “My Amazon Pride” in a playful font to go along with the theme. The Amazon leaders stood at the front holding individual letters that wrote out “Amazon” that were in rainbow. This really made the float and Amazon pop out from the rest, as the letters were extremely glittery and eye catching.

Another standout was the “My Amazon Pride” flags we had created. They were bright pink with white writing and looked perfect with the float. We also made sure that each person had a pride flag in hand!

To say the least, Amazon’s float at Pride Parade this year was a standout compared to the rest. From the personalized flags, to the specially created unicorn, rainbow, and float, there was nothing else like it that day!

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