HB Freaky Foot

Known for serving up deliciously tasting treats, HB has an extremely wide range of ice cream flavors for everyone. When we were approached to bring back the beloved Freaky Foot ice cream bar, we knew we had to take it a step further. It was a major undertaking as we needed to get the shape absolutely right and make it look authentic. With shovels and rakes in hand, we drove to the beach which was pretty quiet at the time. Our team worked fast and soon, the gigantic Freaky Foot effigy came to life. The production crew took to the skies to get video footage and aerial shots of our work and we contacted the media about the monstrous foot in the sand. Long before we completed the foot, people started gathering to see what was going on. Even at this early stage, it was clear that our PR stunt would be a success.

Not only did we need to complete the project before the water came in, it needed to be visible for long enough to take photos and video footage.

It was also important to capture the surrounding area so people viewing the footage knew exactly where the foot was. Therefore, we ensured the photos featured the iconic landmarks of the area in the background.

The print media and Internet reaction was immediate. The Irish Independent wrote: “The creamy strawberry and vanilla ice-cream was today relaunched by HB as they etched a giant foot into the sand in Dublin’s Sandymount.” Other national publications picked up the story too. The Irish Mirror ran with the headline “Can you guess what caused this monstrous footprint on Sandymount Strand, Dublin?” The print media published their stories the day after we created the foot in the sand and there was even TV coverage. We used #HBGoodbyeSerious (HB’s slogan for the campaign) to ensure Twitter reach and we estimate the overall campaign reach to be more than 8 million. In total, the project received more than 20 pieces of coverage in print media and online. Not bad for a day’s work!

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