We created an unforgettable experience with JagerMeister in an effort to showcase their unique blend of 56 ingredients and finest quality. Since we’re always thinking outside of the box here at Propaganda, instead of customers coming to the experience, we brought the experience to them.

Our excellent design and production team created the Jägerwagun that was created with fine wood and hand carved with beautiful designs to promote the Jägermeister brand.

To go along with the event, we came up with the hashtag #huntthemoment so people could share their favorite moments from the event. After the Jagerwagun was complete, we took it through some of Dublin’s most crowded pub areas to really get people interested and create buzz.

We stopped at the most popular pubs and allowed people to taste the brand’s great blend as well as see the ingredients that are used. To do that, ingredients were placed in the Jagerwagun’s drawers and labeled so that people could smell, touch, and eventually taste what these ingredients are. Overall, the event was extremely successful and created quite the buzz.

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