Dublin Airport Authority


When Dublin Loop was ready to launch, they came to us to really create brand awareness and get people talking. Since The Loop is a shopping area situated at an airport, we decided to make the theme all about traveling and emphasizing travel belongings.

What better way to do that then by getting an inside look into someone’s suitcase. However, we took it to the next level and we created several four meter suitcases. Absolutely gigantic. They were decorated beautifully and so life like by our production team with the most perfect detailing. We placed them throughout the city of Dublin and the response was massive. One was placed at Barnados Square and another at North Earl street just to name a few.

The buzz around these suitcases started immediately mostly because no one knew why they were there, yet. Many took to twitter to share their photos of where they found the suitcase, along with their theory as to why it was there. The build up was great, as it wasn’t revealed until the next day as to why these giant suitcases were being found all over the city. The reveal of the Loop and this stunt really created awareness and excitement for their opening.

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