Today FM

Sound Garden

Today FM was looking for a strong presence in the festival scene and approached Propaganda to help them with that. In order to achieve this, we brainstormed and came up with the idea to create two different festival atmospheres and called it the “Sound Garden”.

One consisted of “day” and the other “night.” During the day the vibe was all about relaxing with of course great music, dj’s and entertainment that got the audience engaged. When the night hit, it turned into a great party atmosphere with different DJ sets all night.

Our team created this event all the way from brainstorming to production and execution. As well, we provided the best staffing to make sure the event went smoothly. The Sound Garden was beautifully set up with gorgeous lighting that set the atmosphere and the best props that engaged festival goers. Altogether, the event was extremely fun for everyone and created a lot of buzz around Today FM.

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